lunedì 8 aprile 2013

Creative Workshop for children in Viterbo

Creative Workshop for children in Viterbo
Spazio Biancovolta
Via Delle Piagge 23

11 and 18 April / 2 and 8 May
from 16 p.m.  to 18 p.m.
Cost Euro 40,00 + (Euro 10,00 ARCI card)
all materials included

Once a week , one evening between colors, ink and paper
an Art Workshop for Children aged 5 to 11 years.  

About me: 
I'm Marcella Brancaforte
I'm an illustrator, mother of two girls, based in Tuscania ( VT) with my husband, sculptor,
I Illustrate Books and I hold creative workshops for children
and adults since 1988.
For further informations  call me at  328 1822384
visit my website
visit the website of our Association
working with Saskia Menting and Augusto Terenzi

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